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Welcome to Coscan.Net

Welcome to the website of COSCÁN, Ireland’s foremost traditional musicians and balladeers, who have been gigging and following the Irish Traditional music circuit for over 15 years now. Whether you are just here out of curiosity or wish to make a booking for the band or order our new EP FireDance,

You are very welcome.

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Dinnseanchas is a wonderful album that will keep your toes tapping and your mind working with its combination of jaunty tunes and thoughtful lyrics.” – Nicky Rossiter – Irish Music Magazine

“When the Celtic musicians of Western Europe gather in Brittany the August for one the biggest annual festivals in the world, Meath-based band Coscán will be amongst them” - Drogheda Independent

“Band in Demand – The traditional group played a great show in The Cobblestone, Smithfield, Dublin” – The Weekender

“Coscán’s eagerly-awaited second album should strike a chord with the people of Meath, as many of the songs concern place names and the history of the county” – Meath Chronicle 

If Lord Henry Mountcharles is ever looking for a group to get the toes tapping at the castle for one of those festivals he need look no further than ‘down the road’ for Coscán. The local foursome can conjure up a storm based on this CD with the sub-title ‘Lore of Places’.In a wonderful mixture of instrumental and vocal offerings they give a full-bodied introduction to Irish music at its best. From their local Tara Jig, the opening track, their expertise and love of the music is apparent and lives right on through to the thirteenth track.The harmonious opening of Siúil a Rúin will have the hairs on your neck standing on end. They continue with a beautiful rendition of this song that is so often ‘murdered.Their version allows us hear the lyrics in all their glory but retain the wonderful tune.Nicky Rossiter – Irish Music Magazine  xXx  Dinnseanchas (Lore of Places) Claddagh Records ***Who says that the spirit of adventure in traditional music is dampened by convention? Not by Coscán, an all-male foursome whose original tunes run the gamut of Irish, Asturian and Galician traditions, with a cap doffed in the direction of eastern Europe. Harry Long’s whistles are a signature of this sprightly collection, as is David Nevin’s cosmopolitan percussion, and the pair’s subtle yet driving Caballo could just as easily have been brewed in the plains of Asturia as in the rolling hills of Meath. Their choice of title, Dinnsheanchas (Lore of Places) , reflects the foursome’s appetite for foraging deep beneath the surface for the character of a tune. – SIOBHÁN LONG – Irish Times


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